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Dec. 20th, 2010



I actually won her on eBay last week but didn't say anything because the person I won her from was new to selling and I'm always a little apprehensive about buying from newbies. I didn't want to get too excited and then end up disappointed because they didn't know what the hell they were doing or it turned out to be a scam. And I didn't want to have something else to rant about (I would've ranted anyway though lol).
But she arrived safely and a few days earlier than expected! I paid a little more than I wanted to, but I saw my opportunity and had to go for it. She is so fucking worth it! All my eBay stalking has finally paid off. I tried to quit for a while because I kept loosing which is never fun, but I couldn't stay away. I want all Monster High dolls (except Cleo, remember?) but Draculaura is the one I wanted most.

Dec. 16th, 2010


*does the Happy Idiot Dance*

Ok, this whole thing with the check turned out to be more stupid that I had thought. Ma already paid what she owed to Delaware yet they still took from the check. Wtf? So now THEY owe money! Oi!
BUT! I got to order my christmas gift this morning! After more stupidity with Amazon trying to retrieve the password and failing, we sent a message to Customer Service. They said they would get back to us in about 12 HOURS. Since Ma needed to leave for work she said to hell with it and told me to start a new account. I don't know how many times we've changed the password or created new accounts with Amazon. No one ever bothered to write the passwords down. More oi. So now the Amazon account we use is mine.
Anyway, I've been wanting a tablet for christmas. I was torn between the Wacom Bamboo Pen and the Wacom Bamboo Fun. Both had great reviews. I picked the Bamboo Fun since its bigger. I wish it were black like the Bamboo Pen though, its silver.

I'm half finished Deuce's chair. I've gotten wonderful feedback on Frankie's chair ^_^

It snowed today! Not very much but the ground was white. I don't think any of it has melted yet. We're supposed to get more on Saturday or Sunday.

I love this icon lol

Writer's Block: A latte for every day of the year

Sadly, this is something I often think about. $2,000 for me, $2,000 each for my mom, dad and sister. And the other $2,000 goes into my savings.
I would buy a new laptop, another BJD, update my NintendoDS model, and buy every Monster High doll I don't have.

If you unexpectedly won a $10,000, how would you spend it?

Dec. 15th, 2010


Nostalgia trip

While in the basement last night I found a box and a few cd cases full of my old cds. So I brought them up and imported about 241 songs into my iPod.
Its all stuff I listened to up until age 16 or 17. After then I lost interest in most of it or couldn't find any of the cds after having to restore my laptop. Some of it I have been wanting to listen to for years, some are now guilty pleasures *coughcrazytowncough*, and some stuff I had completely forgotten about.

I imported a bunch of Britney Spears songs. A lot of her pre-meltdown stuff lol. I've noticed how much her voice has changed since her first album. And its not for the better. I think it was best on her first album, Baby One More Time. Oops I Did It Again wasn't as great, but not awful. Britney and In The Zone were the worst. I don't own enough songs from Blackout to decide. Currently, it's much better then it was on Britney and In The Zone, but its not like Baby One More Time. I know she was only 16/17 when she recorded Baby One More Time and I think she does still smoke, but I don't think that has enough to do with it. It's kinda like she got into a habbit of singing a certain way and ruined her voice a bit. Not that is was anything to be amazed at to begin with. I do still enjoy her (except Britney and In The Zone XD)
I imported a lot of Slipknot. How dare I forget how great they are!

I imported NSYNC's Bye Bye Bye. I was an NSYNC nut back in the day. From about 11 to 13 or so. I can't listen to Bye Bye Bye without smiling. So many memories attached to that song and time period. 2000 was a good year for me. Age 12, right before the beginnning of the change into suckhood. Let's see, what all stands out from that year. NSYNC, fuzzy coloring posters and folders, the year we got cable and was introduced to SpongeBob and MTV (before it started to suck real bad), only 151 Pokemon, gel pens on black paper, my short obsession for Britney Spears dolls, Walmart before it became Super, Ryan and Jared coming over after school, playing on Jared's Nitendo64 and lots of sleep overs.

I imported a few songs from Celine Dion's Falling Into You album. I got it for Christmas of '97 (?). First cd I ever owned.

I imported some of the first songs I ever downloaded on iTunes. I had been searching for those forever!  AND on one of the cds was Dope Star Inc's video for I'm Overdriven. That was way early on in their band's history.

Ok, moving on...
Ma got the check she'd been waiting on and it's not as much as she was expecting. It was a refund for a mistake she made while filing taxes for Maryland. She still owes in Delaware or something so they deducted that from the refund. She is paying off what she owes in Delaware on a monthly plan I think, so I don't think they NEEDED to deduct from it. But I don't know anything about taxes and crap. All I know is that the check is only for $324 and our plans for Christmas gifts is half-fucked. Count on the goverment to shit on the middle class during Christmas.

I made a chair for Frankie! http://thequeencrusnik.deviantart.com/art/Frankie-s-Chair-189676291

Dec. 12th, 2010


I got a free bowl!

Went grocery shopping with Ma at Redner's. Since I got two boxes of Kellog's cereal I got a free cereal bowl!  They only had blue and green ones left so I got green. It has what looks like vintage advertisement images on it. Ooh and I got a Simpsons comic book.

Went to the mall with Ma yesterday. Sara got a job on Thursday and had to work on Satuday so we couldn't go with us like we had planned. Mom had to got to Spencer's Gifts and Hot Topic lol. At work, her and the other MAs and RNs are buying gifts for the children on their cancer paitents. Its funny that the girl she got wanted stuff from Spencer's and Hot Topic. Sara loves Spencer's and shopped at no where but Hot Topic when she was 15/16 or so. The only thing on her list we could find was a Tapout t-shirt. (what the hell is Tapout anyway? Is it some wrestling thing?).
We went to Target and as usual, no Monster High dolls. I found those Hello Kitty trading figures (I knew  I would find them at Target!). I got two packs and one of the had the exact same stuff as the one Melissa got me. The other had the figure of Kitty from India. She even has a bindi mark ^_^
Then we went to Micheal's and got the snaps dad needed for his bass case, and I got more plastic canvas sheets.

Then we went to Barnes & Noble to use my last coupon. On the second floor (where all the good stuff is), they have a small table of books of classic stories/authors. They have gorgeous leather-like covers with lots of details. I got Grimm's Complete Fairy Tales. I want about half of the others. Alice In Wonderland, The complete works of William Shakespeare, Son Of A Witch, Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, and another one with fairytales but I forget the author. I forget the others I wanted. They are Barnes & Nobles exclusives. The Grimm book has over 100 stories in it. I had no idea there were that many!

Then we stopped at Walmart. No Monster High dolls. But there was a mess of Deuce & Cleo sets so I know they've restocked recently. I caved yet again and got one of the Black Label Basic Barbies. She is model #3 (?) from the first series. She is pale, with long borwn hair with bangs and a strapless black dress. I was gonna name her Danielle but I'm not sure now. I'm thinking a French name. Her details are nice, she has painted finger nails AND toe nails! I forgot the cash I was gonna use to buy her, so I told ma I would pay her back, but when I tried to give it to her later on, she wouldn't take it.

I found some more plastic canvas I had the other night. It was cut up for something I was trying to make before. I can't remember what though. Since it was cut up already, I couldn't use it for the project I found (a mini purse). So I'm now making another box. It's almost finished. All I need to do is finihs the other half of the lid and sew up the other sides. It's different than the two little match box trinket boxes I made a few days ago.

As cold as it was the last few days, I figured it would be snowing right now. But no, its all rain. I love the rain but I'm ready for some snow!

Dec. 8th, 2010


Christmas gifts and Deviantions!

I got my christmas gifts from Melissa today. A day earlier than I expected so yay!
She sent me a bunch of stuff. An adorable card, three christmas bracelets, a big jingle bell necklace, a Santa statue from her own collection, a mini TY snowman beanie baby named Flakes, a bunch of stickers of cuuuuuute bunnies and animals, girly temporary tattoos, a Bella Sara figure of Amore, two christmas cds, a Fear Street book, a pack of Pokemon cards (I got a foil Houndoom!), and a pack of the Hello Kitty trading figures/stickers.
The Hello Kitty figures are world travel themed. 8 figures in the set, mine is from Morocco. She comes with her own passport and a few cards with stickers and facts for different places, a foil mini postcard and some pieces for a little game. I read about these last year when they were announced but never heard anything more about them, so I didn't know if they were even released. I bet I can find them at Target. They have waaaay more trading cards/figures and stuff than Walmart.

My partial doll family - http://thequeencrusnik.deviantart.com/art/Gang-s-All-Hear-188791290?q=gallery%3Athequeencrusnik%2F7191586&qo=1

The outfit I made for my Moxie Tennz Tristen (who I named Miki) - http://thequeencrusnik.deviantart.com/art/Miki-s-christmas-outfit-188790701?q=gallery%3Athequeencrusnik%2F7191586&qo=4

A few tricket boxes - http://thequeencrusnik.deviantart.com/art/Plastic-Canvas-Trinket-Boxes-188945953?q=gallery%3Athequeencrusnik%2F7191586&qo=0

Frankie and Deuce - http://thequeencrusnik.deviantart.com/art/Smooches-188790940?q=gallery%3Athequeencrusnik%2F7191586&qo=2

Dec. 3rd, 2010


Ugh, can't keep up with this thing!

So the last time I posted an entry was over three weeks ago lol. Lazy!

Thanksgiving was ok. We ate at Pop-pop's this year. Mom already cooked most of it at home. She couldn't keep it hot after we got there for some reason. The food was good though. I sat and listened to Dad and Mark tell funny driving and work stories. I always forget that they were buddies before Dad met Ma. (Ma and Mark are sibs). It all would've been better if Sara hadn't invited shithead. I guess she thought that since we weren't at home, I wouldn't mind him being around. Wrong! Gawd he is so fucking fake! I can't stand him. I swear if she brings him down here on christmas again I'm going to shove the christmas tree down her throat. Ornaments and all! The worst part is that I've TOLD HER that I don't want to see him on the holidays. Hell, I don't want to him ever. She brought him down last Thanksgiving, christmas AND easter. Even though she KNEW I didn't want him to be here. I ate dinner and spent most of those holidays in my bedroom instead of with my family.

Last Saturday I went shopping with Ma and Sara. First we went to Bare Esentials. It's the only place where I can find bras in my size. I'd been in desperate need of a new bra for a while, bluh. I got two and apperently I've gone up a cup size, then again I don't really think the last one fit perfectly, it was good enough. I was really happy to see they had bras in cute designs and colors in my size. Last time all I remember was just the basic white, black and nude colors. And they fit perfectly! I don't think I've ever had a bra fit this well. I can sit down without my boobs resting on my stomach now! And best of all, no more back fat rolls XD! I know it all sounds a bit silly. But having these problems solved makes me feel a bit more confident.
After that we went to a place called The Christmas Shop (or was it The Christmas Tree Shop?). They sell tons of christmas stuff. Like decorations, gift wrapping and stuff people usually need during the holidays like cookware. They even had a small toy section. I got two TY christmas beanie baby bears for Melissa, a bunch of christmas card kits, a dinner tray to use with my crafting so everything doesn't go everywhere and two bottles of hand soap (fresh cotton and cherry blossom scented!). I "got" a gift for Ma. She picked it out and paid for it but I'm "giving" it to her lol. Its an electric handheld mixer. She used to have one a lot like it that her mother gave her when she first moved away from home. Parts inside of it rusted or something, we tried using it and black flakes fell out and got into the icing we were making. She has a big bowl mixer but it's such a pain to use since it weighs a ton.
Then we went around the corner to Target. No Monster High dolls. Figures. But I caved and got a Moxie Teenz Tristen. She's so pretty@ But her skirt is so tight around her hips and her tights are attached to her skirt, so when I bend her to sit the velcro in the back busts open and her ass hangs out. So, I made her a skirt and am currently crocheting a sweater for her. I tried to sew a top for her but after two failed attempts I quit. Luckily the yarn I'm using for the sweater is the exact same color as the fabric I was trying to use. Plus it's sparkley! I also got a bunch of stickers to put in the christmas cards I have to send out.

I finished the Secret Santa gifts for the DOA swap but I forgot to take pics T^T. I made two skirts. One was zebra print and the other was a light blue. I'm pretty good at making skirts now. Made up my own pattern and it works really good. Too bad I can't do tops -_-

On Monoday, Ma, Dad and I went to the mall. Dad hates shopping and crowds so he hasn't been to the mall in ages. Ma joked that the last time he was at the mall he was probably pushing a stroller lol. They went there to check out those Sleep Number beds. They were impressed so they placed an order. It's all arriving in ten boxes! Two arrived yesterday. I'm expecting the rest today. I'll have to go out in the cold to sign for it and then drag it all into the house.
Then we went to our Target. Still no Monster High dolls. And just my luck, they restocked the next day! It seems like they always restock the day AFTER I was JUST there. I got one of the Bella Sara horses for Melissa. This is the first time I've found them. I've never seen them at Walmart. I got one for myself. His name is Uranus, he's a black pegasus with lavender hair.
Then we ate at Subway. I got the steak and cheese on flatbread. Best cheese steak I've ever had. It's my new favorite. I wanna try the buffalo chicken next. I think I'll get all Subway subs on flatbread from now on. So yummy.

Tuesday was the last day of Ma and Dad's Thanksgiving vacation. We went to Walgreens so Dad could fill out his perscription. He apparently has arthritis in his neck and started physical therapy this week. Someone mentioned the Monster High dolls were at Walgreens but I didn't see them. I got another tin of Bag Balm for Momo. I still haven't been able to completely get rid of her mites.
Then we went to the Cecil Village flea market. I think we were the only ones there. They had lots of nice antique furniture that I liked but I have no place to put anything like that. I got a few TY beanie babies from a guy who seemed down on his luck. I got an Irish bear for Sara and two Teeny Beanie dinosaurs. It all cost only a quarter, so I guess I didn't help the guy much.
Then we went across the street to Goodwill. I got yet more TY beanie babies. A christmas one with holly leaves and berries all over with a jingle bell inside his hat, a Beanie Buddy bear named Huggs and what looks like a Basset Hound for Sara. I got Cirque du Freak book 2 and two G3 My Little Ponies. Kiwi Tart who I had previously but sold to make money to buy Osiris, and Twinkle Twirl. I always wanted her but she came with the big dance studio playset. Both are in great condition except for the prices written on the bottoms of their feet in Sharpie >_<

I recently started playing MyDivaDoll again. But they just shut the site down. There's still OhMyDollz which is the exact same thing, but I had made so much progress on my MDD accounts. Now I have to start over. I had made an OhMyDollz account last month and created another earlier this week. I still have a long way to go. I think they made OhMyDollz in preparation of shutting down MDD, but nobody really realized it. I always thought it was odd to have two identical sites with different names. I'm glad that they have an advent calender for christmas instead of a quest which costs alot of hard earned divadollars. I never have enough divadollars to complete the quests and I end up feeling like I wasted it. And I only have one room in my loft so there's not enough room for all the stuff I would win and buy for the quests lol. I can get additional rooms but they cost real money.

I think that's all the exciting stuff.
I spent part of the morning watching all the Starwberry Shortcake episodes I had piling up on the DVR. Still have about four episodes left plus about four My Little Pony episodes. I stopped for today to watch Supernatural.
I guess for the rest of the day I'll be cleaning dishes, working of the doll sweater and waiting around for the UPS guy.

Nov. 23rd, 2010



I'm having one my I Hate Everything/Everyone moods.
We went to Target on Saturday because the had a limited stock of Monster High dolls. But by the time we got there they were all gone. No matter how many time they restocl I can never get over there fast enough. Its bad enough that I end up waiting for weeks for them to restock.
I'm so sick of playing that retarded cat and mouse game so I'm now trying to get them off of eBay. But since everyone else has a steady income they are willing to pay more than I'm able to I haven't even come close to winning. Since Saturday evening I've probably lost about 40 auctions for three different dolls. I should just wait until after the holidays but I've been trying to get them or even just FIND them since August and I have very little patience left.

I got my Secret Santa gifts on Friday. Most of it was candy. Osiris got a Meowth figure and two shirts which he needed but they're for some Canadian sports team that I've never heard of. Oh joy -_-

We've hardly made anymore progress in the basement. Either Sara won't come down or she changes her mind at the last minute and doesn't even come to the house. I'm going to start going though stuff without her. I'm sick of this. I could probably work faster without her anyway.
I found Cinderella's arm and leg and all her dresses. The peg the her leg snaps nto was broken in two pieces so I had to glue that. Her sholder has a piece snapped off and that piece is long gone. Her arm does stay in for disply but if I move it a little it comes out. Not sure if I could repair it yet. Still searching for Ariel's other leg.

Thuresday is Thanksgiving and we're gonna have it at Pop-pop's this year. Pop-pop had Thanksgiving dinner at Mary Emma's last year. When Mark asked her if she wanted to have him over again she said "well I had him last year", making it sound like feeding her own father on a holiday is a chore.

I guess that's all for now. My days and nights are so backwards right now. I woke up at 8pm today. I'll be up all night without a damn think to do. I wanna go downstairs and I might but I'm afraid I'll make too much noise.

Nov. 20th, 2010


Writer's Block: Family matters

I have one sister and she's all the sister I can stand lol I've would've liked to have had a younger brother though.

How many brothers and sisters would you choose to have, and why?

Nov. 12th, 2010


2 pets in one week...

On Monday my last Tetra died. And this evening I found my lovebird Kiki dead too. Both totally unexpected. Dad and I burried Kiki in the backyard next to our first dog Maggie. Since Kiki wasn't too fond of her mate Tagwu (we still believe that she killed him), we decided not to burry her next to him at the tree on the left side of the yard. All four Tetras are with Tagwu so he isn't alone. I don't think I will replace them any time soon. If I want fish I'm gettting a nig tank with a filter so I don't have to clean it every week.
It might sound silly, but it will be hard to open a soda and not want to cry. Kiki would always chirp when she heard a soda can open. Even in the middle of the night. She would tweet and talk with the birds outside in the mornings too.

Ma and I just got back from Walmart. I was able to get most of what I needed for the Secret Snata swap. Still need to get the knitting needles and beads from Micheal's though. I got the blue yarn and fabric for the skirts. Never imagined I would find so much cute fabric at Walmart. I got a few prints to make skirts for DOC Leya. Whenever I can afford her. The fabric I got was cheap too. $1 for each 18x22 square.
We got dad a Sirius XM radio. He talked about it before we left and joked not to leave Walmart without one. I know he misses the bluegrass music channel on tv (they removed it for some reason last year). Ma is excited that it has an all Elvis channel ^_^
Walmart is decorated for christmas already. So far they have one tree up and a display for cookies that looks like a house with blinking lights on it.

That's all for now I guess. I'm off to watch Supernatural and start knittting the SD cardigan for the Secret Santa swap...

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