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I'm having one my I Hate Everything/Everyone moods.
We went to Target on Saturday because the had a limited stock of Monster High dolls. But by the time we got there they were all gone. No matter how many time they restocl I can never get over there fast enough. Its bad enough that I end up waiting for weeks for them to restock.
I'm so sick of playing that retarded cat and mouse game so I'm now trying to get them off of eBay. But since everyone else has a steady income they are willing to pay more than I'm able to I haven't even come close to winning. Since Saturday evening I've probably lost about 40 auctions for three different dolls. I should just wait until after the holidays but I've been trying to get them or even just FIND them since August and I have very little patience left.

I got my Secret Santa gifts on Friday. Most of it was candy. Osiris got a Meowth figure and two shirts which he needed but they're for some Canadian sports team that I've never heard of. Oh joy -_-

We've hardly made anymore progress in the basement. Either Sara won't come down or she changes her mind at the last minute and doesn't even come to the house. I'm going to start going though stuff without her. I'm sick of this. I could probably work faster without her anyway.
I found Cinderella's arm and leg and all her dresses. The peg the her leg snaps nto was broken in two pieces so I had to glue that. Her sholder has a piece snapped off and that piece is long gone. Her arm does stay in for disply but if I move it a little it comes out. Not sure if I could repair it yet. Still searching for Ariel's other leg.

Thuresday is Thanksgiving and we're gonna have it at Pop-pop's this year. Pop-pop had Thanksgiving dinner at Mary Emma's last year. When Mark asked her if she wanted to have him over again she said "well I had him last year", making it sound like feeding her own father on a holiday is a chore.

I guess that's all for now. My days and nights are so backwards right now. I woke up at 8pm today. I'll be up all night without a damn think to do. I wanna go downstairs and I might but I'm afraid I'll make too much noise.


Have you tried grocery stores? Mom got me a Frankie for xmas from Shop Rite ^^ They also had the blue dude.
Hmmm, never really thought of that. Our Acme store does carry toys from top toy brands but its usually just the small stuff. The only dolls I've seen there are $2 Barbie knock-offs.
Same with Wallgreens. Haven't looked at Rite-Aid. I can't remember if we have a Shop-Rite. I feel like we do but I can't remember where lol.

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