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I got a free bowl!

Went grocery shopping with Ma at Redner's. Since I got two boxes of Kellog's cereal I got a free cereal bowl!  They only had blue and green ones left so I got green. It has what looks like vintage advertisement images on it. Ooh and I got a Simpsons comic book.

Went to the mall with Ma yesterday. Sara got a job on Thursday and had to work on Satuday so we couldn't go with us like we had planned. Mom had to got to Spencer's Gifts and Hot Topic lol. At work, her and the other MAs and RNs are buying gifts for the children on their cancer paitents. Its funny that the girl she got wanted stuff from Spencer's and Hot Topic. Sara loves Spencer's and shopped at no where but Hot Topic when she was 15/16 or so. The only thing on her list we could find was a Tapout t-shirt. (what the hell is Tapout anyway? Is it some wrestling thing?).
We went to Target and as usual, no Monster High dolls. I found those Hello Kitty trading figures (I knew  I would find them at Target!). I got two packs and one of the had the exact same stuff as the one Melissa got me. The other had the figure of Kitty from India. She even has a bindi mark ^_^
Then we went to Micheal's and got the snaps dad needed for his bass case, and I got more plastic canvas sheets.

Then we went to Barnes & Noble to use my last coupon. On the second floor (where all the good stuff is), they have a small table of books of classic stories/authors. They have gorgeous leather-like covers with lots of details. I got Grimm's Complete Fairy Tales. I want about half of the others. Alice In Wonderland, The complete works of William Shakespeare, Son Of A Witch, Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, and another one with fairytales but I forget the author. I forget the others I wanted. They are Barnes & Nobles exclusives. The Grimm book has over 100 stories in it. I had no idea there were that many!

Then we stopped at Walmart. No Monster High dolls. But there was a mess of Deuce & Cleo sets so I know they've restocked recently. I caved yet again and got one of the Black Label Basic Barbies. She is model #3 (?) from the first series. She is pale, with long borwn hair with bangs and a strapless black dress. I was gonna name her Danielle but I'm not sure now. I'm thinking a French name. Her details are nice, she has painted finger nails AND toe nails! I forgot the cash I was gonna use to buy her, so I told ma I would pay her back, but when I tried to give it to her later on, she wouldn't take it.

I found some more plastic canvas I had the other night. It was cut up for something I was trying to make before. I can't remember what though. Since it was cut up already, I couldn't use it for the project I found (a mini purse). So I'm now making another box. It's almost finished. All I need to do is finihs the other half of the lid and sew up the other sides. It's different than the two little match box trinket boxes I made a few days ago.

As cold as it was the last few days, I figured it would be snowing right now. But no, its all rain. I love the rain but I'm ready for some snow!


There isn't a German Hello Kitty figure. But, I think I got stickers for Germany. There are stickers and mini postcards for countries other than the ones for the figures.

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