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Nostalgia trip

While in the basement last night I found a box and a few cd cases full of my old cds. So I brought them up and imported about 241 songs into my iPod.
Its all stuff I listened to up until age 16 or 17. After then I lost interest in most of it or couldn't find any of the cds after having to restore my laptop. Some of it I have been wanting to listen to for years, some are now guilty pleasures *coughcrazytowncough*, and some stuff I had completely forgotten about.

I imported a bunch of Britney Spears songs. A lot of her pre-meltdown stuff lol. I've noticed how much her voice has changed since her first album. And its not for the better. I think it was best on her first album, Baby One More Time. Oops I Did It Again wasn't as great, but not awful. Britney and In The Zone were the worst. I don't own enough songs from Blackout to decide. Currently, it's much better then it was on Britney and In The Zone, but its not like Baby One More Time. I know she was only 16/17 when she recorded Baby One More Time and I think she does still smoke, but I don't think that has enough to do with it. It's kinda like she got into a habbit of singing a certain way and ruined her voice a bit. Not that is was anything to be amazed at to begin with. I do still enjoy her (except Britney and In The Zone XD)
I imported a lot of Slipknot. How dare I forget how great they are!

I imported NSYNC's Bye Bye Bye. I was an NSYNC nut back in the day. From about 11 to 13 or so. I can't listen to Bye Bye Bye without smiling. So many memories attached to that song and time period. 2000 was a good year for me. Age 12, right before the beginnning of the change into suckhood. Let's see, what all stands out from that year. NSYNC, fuzzy coloring posters and folders, the year we got cable and was introduced to SpongeBob and MTV (before it started to suck real bad), only 151 Pokemon, gel pens on black paper, my short obsession for Britney Spears dolls, Walmart before it became Super, Ryan and Jared coming over after school, playing on Jared's Nitendo64 and lots of sleep overs.

I imported a few songs from Celine Dion's Falling Into You album. I got it for Christmas of '97 (?). First cd I ever owned.

I imported some of the first songs I ever downloaded on iTunes. I had been searching for those forever!  AND on one of the cds was Dope Star Inc's video for I'm Overdriven. That was way early on in their band's history.

Ok, moving on...
Ma got the check she'd been waiting on and it's not as much as she was expecting. It was a refund for a mistake she made while filing taxes for Maryland. She still owes in Delaware or something so they deducted that from the refund. She is paying off what she owes in Delaware on a monthly plan I think, so I don't think they NEEDED to deduct from it. But I don't know anything about taxes and crap. All I know is that the check is only for $324 and our plans for Christmas gifts is half-fucked. Count on the goverment to shit on the middle class during Christmas.

I made a chair for Frankie! http://thequeencrusnik.deviantart.com/art/Frankie-s-Chair-189676291


Early Britney will always be fun to me. And I agree about her voice. :\

I loved *N Sync so much! (Still do, let's be honest.)

I imported a few songs from Celine Dion's Falling Into You album. I got it for Christmas of '97 (?). First cd I ever owned. I got that for Christmas that year, too! Only mine? Was probably the last cassette tape I ever got. xD I have it on CD now.

Count on the goverment to shit on the middle class during Christmas. :( I know. It's hard for everyone right now, I hate it.

Her chair is SO CUTE!
I do secretly hope for an NSYNC reunion lol

Well, I learned last night that Ma ALREADY paid what she owed to Delaware! I don't know why they took it anyway. Guess those monkys didn't get the memo. So now THEY owe money.

Thanks! I'm making one for Deuce now ^_^

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