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Nov. 12th, 2010


Christmas Wish List thing/ Name meme

Grabbed both of these from tarkle21 

- Make a post (public, friendslocked, filtered...whatever you're comfortable with) to your LJ. The post should contain your list of 10 holiday wishes. The wishes can be anything at all, from simple and fandom-related ("I'd love a Snape/Hermione icon that's just for me") to medium ("I wish for _____ on DVD") to really big ("All I want for Christmas is a new car/computer/house/TV.") The important thing is, make sure these wishes are things you really, truly want.

- If you wish for real life things (not fics or icons), make sure you include some sort of contact info in your post, whether it's your address or just your email address where Santa (or one of his elves) could get in touch with you. [Note: Your home address is not required!]

- Surf around your friends list (or friends friends, or just random journals) to see who has posted their list. And now here's the important part:

- If you see a wish you can grant, and it's in your heart to do so, make someone's wish come true. Sometimes someone's trash is another's treasure, and if you have a leather jacket you don't want or a gift certificate you won't use--or even know where you could get someone's dream purebred Basset Hound for free--do it.

You needn't spend money on these wishes unless you want to. The point isn't to put people out, it's to provide everyone a chance to be someone else's holiday elf--to spread the joy. Gifts can be made anonymously or not--it's your call. There are no guarantees with this project, and no strings attached. Just...wish, and it might come true. Give, and you might receive. And you'll have the joy of knowing you made someone's holiday special.

Repost this in your journal so that others can see what you would like to have. Maybe someone will be able to make a holiday wish come true for you! :) NOTE: I encourage you to do this because my heart is usually big this christmas!

If you want to grant one of my wishes email me at:  dragonkeeper @ atlanticbb.net

1. A tablet. Bambo Fun is the one I had my eye on. But I honestly don't know much about tablets lol

2. A Monster High doll! Any except Frankie, Deuce or Cleo.

3. Another bald, undressed Liv doll. Any except Alexa.

4. Wacky Packages cards

5. Yarn or beads. There's no type or color I can't use.

6. Fabric. Anything goes!

7.  Something cute and handmade.

8.  Gift card. Walmart, Borders, B&N, Target, iTunes, Toys R Us, wherever.

9. SD or MSD sized boy clothes. 

10.  Barbie/Liv clothes

Use the 1st. letter of your last name to answer each of the following questions.

1. What is your last name:
2. An animal: Dog
3. A boys name: Doug
4. A girls name: Diane
5. An occupation: Doctor
6. A color: I honestly can't think of a color that starts with D...uh....dirt brown?
7. Something you wear: Do-rag
8. A beverage: Dr.Pepper
9. A food: Doritos
10. Something found in the bathroom: Doody! *is five-years old*
11. A place: Delaware
12. A reason for being late: Dead car battery
13. Something you shout: Dammit!

Nov. 10th, 2010


Found them!

I found my Ariel and Cinderella dolls in the basement the other night. Areil is missing a leg, and her pink dress had a blue stain on it but it came right out with hot hot water. Cinderella is also missing a leg, I found her missing arm. I found her blue dress and realized I had cut off the white sleeves! Why did I do that?! Also she isn't as burnette as I thought. More like a dark honey blonde. I found Areils's shoes. I don't think either can be saved. One is crushed in the heel and the other is...chewed up.
And I found a few more of the Barbie dresses that Mom-mom Dowell had made for us. One dress I thought she had made is actuallyy a vintage Barbie outfit. I saw it on eBay not long ago.

I'm hoping to go to Micheal's this weekend. I need yarn and knitting needles for my Secret Santa project and beads for an art trade on DeviantArt. I also want beads I can use with the ones I got at the bead show.
I need to get beads to make stuff to put on my Etsy shop sometime. I'm pretty sure the last of my listings ended last month. No sales. Advertising is such a bitch >:( I think I will list only beaded jewlery next time.
I'm kinda thinking about replacing all my metal knitting needles with bamboo ones. I have one bamboo pair that came with a book for dog clothes (the needles have a dog bride and groom on the ends XD). I could save the metal ones and sell them at the yard sale we plan to have in the spring.

Nov. 8th, 2010


Bead show yo!

Went to a great bead show with Ma yesterday. They crammed a lot of different sellers into one small room. There was something sparkly everywhere you looked. Lots of neat beads and beading stuff though.
Ma thought most of it was over priced. Maybe it was, but if you're somebody with a strong passion for beads and beading, such as myself, price isn't always a big concern. And a bead show is NOT a place to look for bargins lol
I didn't get much but I'm thrilled with what I did get. A string of flat, round blue Goldstone (soooo sparkly!), a string of small red coral branches, a short string of some apparently old double-drilled green Swarovski ovals, and my favorite, a string of large black coral branches! Ive been looking for these for so long. I got a skull pendant for Sara, two lucky cat beads, a lucky cat pendant with a tiny rhinstone, a lucky cat jingle bell and a coin with my Chinese zodiac on it (a dragon). I really wanted to get some seed beads since they had such great quality, but I coulnd't find all the colors I wanted in the same size. I saw size 13/0 seed beads. Extremely tiny!
I plan to use the coin to try out a technique I haven't tried yet. I forget the name of it, but it's stitching beads around something without holes in it.
Went to ol' Walmart afterwards. The Lagoona ragdoll was gone. So I grabbed the only Frankie ragdoll whose hair wasn't messed
up. Lagoona is the only one I need now (still skipping Cleo).

Did nothing today except watch movies on TBS. The Truman Show (one of my faves), Meet Joe Dirt, Nihgt At The Roxburry (Roxbarry? Roxberry? I don't know!) and Achorman.
Dad came across an old Southern cook book. So he made a big nice dinner. He cooked a chicken in the NuWave, corn, gravy, stuffing, rolls, fried potatos aka "fried taters" and homemade mac & cheese. It was all so good!

It seems I have been bitten by a bug concerning the Disney Princess dolls. It all started when I saw that gift set at the Disney Store in Rehoboth. After seeing those, it made me start thinking of the Disney dolls I had when I was little. Then I decided to look up the current dolls online to find out how much they went for. Now I want dolls of Belle, Aurora and Repunzel. Maybe Ariel, Jasmine and Mulan. Maaaaaybe Cinderella, Snow White, Tiana and Pocahantas but probably not. I have one issue with them though. The Auroa doll made by Mattel is very
pretty but her dress isn't that true to the original design. The Auroa doll sold in the Disney Store is articulated and her dress is more true to the original design, but she looks NOTHING like Auroa. Ugly even. And the Disney Store has dolls of the Princes. But they're awful. Especialy Prince Adam. Luckily though since they just released Beauty And The Beast on BluRay, Mattel has made a Prince Adam doll who looks much better. I don't think I'll find a decent Prince Philip though. The one at the Disney Store looks like a 12-year-old. Stinks because he's my favorite along with Adam.
Oh and they finally listed that gift set on the website. $100! Good thing I don't have to have all of them lol
All this has made me want to go down to the basement and find the Disney dolls of my childhood. I had Ariel, Pocahantas, 2 different ones of Jasmine, Aladdin, Mulan, a freaky Cinderella, and Megera (not a princess btw). The Cinderella was my first doll ever. I think it's well known that Cinderella is a blonde. My doll was a light burnette! She came with 3 outfits, one of them being the pink dress that was torn up by her step sisters. Even though I had seen that part in the movie, I could not understand why the doll's dress was torn lol It just seemed weird to me that a doll would have a purposely torn dress. I even remember asking Mom-mom Dowell to fix it XD She's like "No, it's supposed to be like that." "Wha??? But it's torn!"

I joined a social network site called GetGlue. It's all based on your favorite stuff like music, movies and books. I discovered it on Facebook from the Ghost Adventures page. They mentioned free "stickers" on GetGlue. I was thinking "Free Ghost Adventures stickers must have!!". They aren't real stickers though. On the site you can collect virtual stickers. I got the Ghost Adventures ones for checking in while it was on the air (or something like that). This morning I earned the GetGlue Bootcamp sticker, though I have no idea what I did to earn it yet. Now
I'm trying to earn the stickers for adding 50 Likes in each catagory. Some of them will be hard to earn because some things I like aren't listed and I honestly don't like at least 50 albums. I'm not sure that I like 50 of anything except books.

Nov. 5th, 2010


Writer's Block: So much for counting sheep

What do you like to do when you can't get to sleep?

I usually read. Works my eyes and after a while I'll just want to close them for a bit and that helps sometimes. Other times I play games on my phone, crochet/knit or grab my iPod. I try to avoid turning on the tv.

Nov. 1st, 2010


Rehoboth 2010

I should've posted this as soon as I got home that day but Ii was EXHAUSTED. And we were busy over the weekend. So here it is three days later...

Friday -  We wanted to leave early but we forgot about some things we needed to make sure where done before we left )lke making sure the animals all had food and water). We were in the car at about 9:45 then rrealized we forgot the coupon book. So I rushed back in and grabbed and turned off the kitchen light that Sara missed. Traffic was pretty much non-existant the whole way there. We almost watched a plane land at the Dover Air Force Base. It was about 200 feet in the air, kinda looked like it was hovering in place (maybe because he was slowing down and we were still moving), then he lifted back up and circled again. We only saw one other plane up close. There were several on the ground parked. They are so neat and HUGE! We passed the Dover Speedway. I always forget there is this giant statue at the entrance that looks like a stone golem or something. He's holding a race car like he's King Kong lol.
After about 2 hours of driving we finally reached Rehoboth Beach. We found a parking spot very close to the beach! We didn't even get to see the beach last time because there was NO parking.  It was cold and very windy but it was awesome. I don't think I had been to a beach since before Sara was born. There were a few ships in the distance. After walking five steps in the dry sand, my flats were full. So I had to walk around barefoot, but I would have anyway even if I had my sneakers. I walked in the wet sand until my feet were numb and then walked in warm dry sand until I could feel my toes again. There were seagulls everywhere. I wanted to snatch a few and take them home ^_^ Sara and I walked for a while looking for shells but most of them were in ppieces. I did find a few that were mostly intact though. And a few rocks and some purple things that I think are sea glass.
Then we decided to hit the shops on the board walk. At a food stand was a life-size Halloween statue of a mummy. Mom took a pic iof Sara standing next to him leaning her head on his shoulder XD We were such tourists lol!
We only went into a few shops on the boardwalk. We realized they all mostly had the exact same stuff. At Tidal Rave I got a zebra print hoodie with "Rehoboth Beach Delaware" writtin in neon rainbow zebra print.  At a different place that had the same Tidal Rave bags, I got a black t-shirt with a neon green skeleton torso with a purle heart in the ribcage and is splattered with yellow paint marks.

Then we went up the road to the shops on either side of the parking lot. Only one place was decorated for Halloween on the outside. It was really cool. They had a bunch of animated things. Like a clown that removed it's face to reveal a skull and said something like "I feel so much better about my makeup now!" There was a life-size Jason Voorhees, we didn't press the buitton so we don't know what he did. Probably just swung his machete around.
We went in a kite and toy shop. They had a table at the entrace with a bunch of animated bunnies hopping around and a cat that wuold roll around and laugh hystericaly. You couldn't watch it and not start laughing too. It had a motion sensor on it;s head so as soon as you moved in front of it he would start laughing.
Then we ate pizza at...Nico something something. The pizza was good but very crispy.
Then we went into Atlantic Books who were have a 35% off sale since they were closing for the season. I got 6 books; Warriors book 2, The Keys To Rondo, Howl's Moving Castle, Flesh And Spirit, Swardmage: Blades Of The Moonsea book 1 and Bram Stoker's Dracula.
Then we put our stuff in the car and I stayed there to move stuff around while Ma and Sara got caramel popcorn. They got two 1.5 gallon buckets lol. Mom got one of them to take to work.

Then we decided to go to the Tanger Outlets.
First we went to Christmas Tree Hill. That place is so neat. Christmas stuff all year ^_^ I got a mimi calender of cat paintings, a clip-on tree ornament of a bird covered with iridesent feathers, a sniwflake ornament for Melissa and aother teaset like the one I got for my birthday at the Christmas Tree Hill in PA. This ine is white with green shamrocks. I remember the first time I saw it Ma said it was something her grandmother would've loved. The plate is a little loose in the packaging but it was the only one there besides the display set. Mom got a neat spyglass for Dad. Apparently he's always wanted one.
Then we went to Icing. Didn't see a whole lot there. I got a red poinsettia hair clip to wear around christmas. Probably should've gotten two -_-
Then we drove to the second part of the outlets and went into the Disney Store. The had adorable costumes for little kids. Like a big plushy one of Rex from Toy Story. I saw a set of Disney Princess dolls that I really liked. I didn't even bother to look at the price atg though, I knew it had to be $50 at the very least. It was all ten of the Disney Princesses including Repunzel from Tangled that should be coming out soon. In front of each doll was the year they were introduced too. I got plushies of the three kittens from The Aristocats. The Aristocats ios one of my all-time favorite Disney movies. They also had bigger plushies of the two adult cats. I'm hoping I can find them at our Disney Store in the mall. I would love to have them all together.
Then we went to Rue21. I saw a bunch of shirts I liked but even the XL didn't look like they would fit me. I wanted the orange one with Duckie from The Land Before Time on it T^T I got a $20 pair of Chuck Taylor style shoes for only $7!
We went into Book Cellar. I got three more books; Fablehaven: Grip Of The Shadow Plague, The Last Apperntice: Curse Of The Bane and Artemis Fowl And The Time Paradox. It seems Disney has partnered/taken over Hyoerion so now the books have stupid Harry Pitter knock off cover art. This also means it doesn't match the rest of my books in the sereis and that's something that always irks me. If I get books from a sereis they have to be uniform. All papaerbacks or all hardcovers, all of the same design etc. OCD or something lol
By then my feet were totally trying to kill me. So I sat in the car and rested while Ma and Sara went into Old Navy. They got my two pairs of pajama pants. One is white with blue snow flakes and the other is red and green plaid. Looks like christmas gift wrapping lol.
Then we went into Grotto's Pizza for bathroom breaks. We got some drinks and slpit some cheese fries (they were really really good fries!).
We walked through Kirklands. More christmas stuff. This stuff was mostly home decore.
Last we went to Aeropostale. Didn't see anything I liked. Not really my style.
And then we left for home. Another 2 hours of driving. Hardly any traffic. Got home around 8:50 or so. Just in time to watch Supernatural but I was too tired to watch more than 10 minutes of it. I fell asleep quickly but Momo kept waking me when she drank from her water bottle lol
I had so much fun! It was better than last year. Especialy since Sara came with us this time. I wish I could live down there. If the drive wasn't so long we'd be going down there every month.

The day before all that, we went over to Pop-pop's to look through his garage. He wants to be able to park his car in there this winter so he's trying to get rid of stuff. Ma took three antique lamps and I decided to take the tall green metal cabinet that Ma used when she lived else where. We couldn't fit it in Ma's car, so we came back up on Saturday with Dad and his truck. That day Ma also took a long, narrow table. I took a cute mini coffee table. And Dad took a small toolbox, small metal cabinet, a really old but apparently still working microwave, a sander with sandpapaer and something called a come-along. Mark put a bunch of stuff on his trailor and parked it at the end of thier driveway. Before he was even ready to drive back up someone had stopped and took the antique sewing machine lol. It all needs to be cleaned. I'm putting the cabinet in the basement for the workshop I hope to set up down there and the mini coffee table will be going in my room. The legs are split so Dad will have to fix that first.

Well, I think I'm pretty much all caught up now.

Oct. 24th, 2010


"No fair, no fair"

Watching Pet Semetary for the second time in the last few days. Been watching AMC's Fear Fest all week. Aside from Pet Semetary I've watched Pet Semetary 2, Sleepwalkers, Exorcist: The Beginning, Dragula, Graveyard Shift, two of the Friday The 13th movies but I don't know which ones (one took place in New York I think and the other had a girl with mind telekineisis or however you spell it), I think I watched some others but I forget now. Ok now I'm watching Cujo. Lots of Stephen King this year. I also watch White Noise on FX.

Haven't really been doing much else.
Went to Target two nights ago. Still sold out of the Monster High dolls. I've been watching our location's inventory like a hawk. They sell out so fast. Mom said to let her know when they're restocked so we run up again. I'm so going to splurge and buy at least three that I need at once. I hate this cat and mouse game...for dolls.
After Target we went aro7und the corner to Barnes & Noble to use my last coupon. I got I Luv Halloween #3 which I was suprised to find, Naruto #49 and a book called The Theif Child. Its a dark re-telling of Peter Pan. The artwork in it alone is wonderful.
Yesterday we went to Walmart. No dolls there either. I haven't seen them there since I got Frankie months ago. I did get the last Clawdeen ragdoll though. I got the last Draculaura ragdoll last week. And I got the first Monster High book. I have a steadily growing pile of books to read lol.

I got all the new fabric I needed for the Pokemon outfit last week. So far I've only cut out the pieces. I have until Wednesday to have it finished and sent out. Yay deadline doom!

Well I'm sick of typing on my phone. Bye for now.

Oct. 16th, 2010



Computer is stll crappy. We have no sound. I think dad is taking it back to the computer repair place on Monday. At least the pop-ups are gone. Google Toolbar is being stupid. I type something in the search and any results you click on just take you to some web hosting site. Even if its a link that absolutely does work.  I sitll think we should just restore the whole computer to it default settings but I don't think that will solve the sound problem. It says the device cannot be found.
All this mess has made me really consider getting a new cord for my laptop. But the pros and cons are too even;
Pros; Better privacy, cheap, I'd have my laptop back (I miss having one)
Cons; cord might not be all that it needs, laptop is old (7 years), puts off a lot of heat which ruined the last cord.
I was thinking maybe I should just get a new one. But I don't have the money. And what would I do with my old one? There is still a little bit of stuff on it. Is there a way to wipe out the memory without needing it to be on or charged?

I need a different type of fabric for the Pokemon outfit. Silk frays too easily. It sucks because the silk fabric is in pretty pastel-ish shades with glitter on it. I plan to get regular cotton fabric at Walmart tomorrow. I went to Micheal's last night and got some thread, ribbon, and glitter paints.

I've been crocheting dresses for my Frankie. At Micheal's I got some more embroidery thread to make more, I just hope I got enough of each color. I got some snaps for them too, though they are kinda big. At least they'll be secure lol Right now I'm working on a bright orange dress. I'm going to add black ribbon and make is a Halloween dress. OOH it would look awesome with some wide black lace under the skirt! I didn't think of that until this second though, so I don't have any lol

Before Micheal's, I stood in line for a few minutes with Ma at the Cheesecake Factory. She wanted to get a giftcard for a birthday party she went to today. The line went out the door and didn't move the whole time we stod there, so we left. After walking ALL THE WAY BACK to the car so Ma could make sure she locked it, we WALKED ALL THE WAY BACK to our new Target. It was a madhouse so we didn't go through the whole place. After TWO DAYS they already sold out of their Monster High dolls *sigh*. So I didn't use my giftcard. I wanna save it until they get more becuase they have the cheapest price on them. I did grab two packs of the newest Wacky Packages cards and some lacey capri leggings. Though the XL sized clothes that Ma got didn't fit her for some reason. Guess I should try on the leggings before I take off the tags. They're are plus sized and the ones I got were the smallest in that catagory, so if they don't fit I'll just exchange for a bigger size.

And now a survey taken from goldensnitch10Collapse )

Oct. 8th, 2010



Can't sleep. Watching the encore of the King Of The Hill episode that I watched several hours ago. Before that I was watching Family Guy clips on Youtube. Stewie sings Everything I Do (I Do It For You) better that Brian Adams lol

I made two dresses for my Monster High doll Frankie. I knitted the body and crocheted the skirt. one is a black strapless with a white skirt. The second is a black halter. I tried to add a red skirt using eyelash yarn, but that stuff is so hard to see when crocheting it. So I gave up on that. I'll just use fabric. Still need to add the closures for the back. They fit real nice too.

I think we'll be going to Walmar tomorrow. I hope they still have a Bratz Carrie left. I need to find red and blue silk flowers for the Roselia dress. If they don't have any I think I'll just use wide ribbon. I also need to get beads for the bracelet I'm making for an art trade on Deviant Art.

Ma dropped the computer off today (er, yesterday I guess). I forgot to ask how long it'll take. I've been thinking about getting a new cord for my old laptop (who I named Garbage). I'm pretty sure that's all it needs. I won't be able to use the internet on it but I don't want it for that anyway. I just want something I can write on (I focus better in my bedroom when writting) and to store my music and crap on it so I don't have to try and save everything everytime something happens with the PC.


Oct. 6th, 2010


im already feel withdrawl...

The computer has officialy been busted for less than 24 hours and its already starting to get to me lol. Ma and Dad took it to the repair shop earlier but they were closed. Ma will probably drop it off on her way home tomorrow.

I've been trying to knit a dress for my Frankie. The first try almost fit, just too long at the top and too narrow in the back. I'm working on a scond try. I think I know where to make the adjustments. Its black and if it turns out right I'm going to add a long red skirt. Red is deffinitely Frankie's color ^_^

Nothing else going on really. Right now I'm eating my pork ramen and hotdogs, watching The Sipmsons. Man, I. Really hate typing entries on my phone...

Oct. 3rd, 2010


Hello Autumn!

It's autumn! Its cooling down already and its sooooo nice. We've been getting A LOT of rain though. Downtown was flooded, as usual with heavy rain.

On Sunday I went to dinner with Ma and Dad at Denny's.  We saw Pop-op and John there. They always go out to eat lol

On Tuesday I went to dinner with them again, this time we went to Jojo's Superdogs. Meh. I had a grilled chicken sandwich. It tasted fine but it was sooo messy. Dad's chilidog was such a mess he had to eat it with a fork and knife.

On Wendesday, we learned that a distant cousin commited suicide. He was the son of my great aunt Anne's husband, David, from a previous marriage. He was 41 or so. He was a car salesman and was obviously hit pretty hard finacialy by the recession. Then his wife divorced him. He was also loosing some vacation house he had somewhere. I guess he was just severaly depressed. He had shot himself. I don't think I ever met him, I don't think Ma knew him well either. Ma went to his funeral on Friday. She said the place was packed with people he sold cars to.

I also learned that my cousin Andrew has moved back to Maryland from Missouri. He and his girlfriend broke up. He had moved out there after he started getting himself into trouble out here when he was a teen. He has a daughter with his ex named Sadie. He has custody of her for the next six months and if his ex wants custody she has to come and apply for it or something, I don't really know. She is now with some other guy, who doesn't want kids. She's a moron obviously. Andrew turned 22 last month. I haven't seen him since Mom-mom McIntire's funeral in '06.

Today I went to the bank and deposited my cash. Then went over to Walmart. I was looking for the inflatable giant punkin they have displayed outside but I couldn't find it. It's got this huge open mouth with big goofy teeth ^_^ We got a new microwave since ours died a few days ago. I got Melissa one of the new Bratz dolls for her birthday. I got one for myself. I grabbed the last Jade. I'm a little disappointed with the new ones. Their legs are rubbery and their hair is coarse. The old ones has beautiful hair that was so soft and silky. Now its more like the hair on some My Little Ponies. And I thought they were supposed to be fully articulated. No. The only difference with mine is that she can sorta do a split. It appears that only dolls from the Bratz Fashion Party line are fully articulated. Which is stupid. Why make two completely different body types? I also messed up her braided pigtails while trying to get her out of the box. So I took them out, brushed her hair until it was straight and put it in a ponytail. She looks much better with the ponytail. The best part (or the onl;y good part) is her outfit. It looks like clothes people actualy wear! I'm not very fond of the name Jade, so I changed it to Jiji.

Ok, the last of the meme for September. I don't think I'll do one for October.

day 24 → whatever tickles your fancy

One of the ten new Bratz girls, Carrie. Despite their flaws, I still like them. I really want Carrie! I can't find a pic of her though. I saw her at Walmart but they actualy aren't supposed to be out until the 10th.

day 25 → an object/a belonging

My iPod. It's a '09 Nano in green. I got it for christmas last year. I love it bunches.

day 26 → a place

Rehoboth, DE. I love it there. I can't wait to go back. It seems very busy and hectic but the atmosphere is great.

day 27 → a poem

The only one that comes to mind right now is from the show The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy. In the beginning of one episode Mandy says; "Violets are blue, roses are red. We're coming aboard, prepare to eat lead." She was a pirate lol

day 28 → a food

Tacos!!!! And pizza!!!

day 29 → something that makes you amused

Jackass ^_^

day 30 → whatever tickles your fancy

*sigh* I can't think of anything. Too tired lol

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